In Search of Silver Linings

This year, a priority of mine is to put a positive spin on those little, everyday things that might be frustrating, unfortunate, or downright disappointing. The goal here is to become a more optimistic, cheerful person. Here goes …

  1. Postpartum insomnia kept me awake until 3:30am last night (despite the sleep supplement I took). Silver Lining: I saw my baby giggle in her sleep. Cuteness meter has been broken.
  2. It’s so wintry outside, we’re stuck indoors. Silver Lining: We had a grand ol’ time watching Frozen and singing about building a snowman (when she’s big enough, we will actually build one).
  3. I can’t eat dairy because my nursling has a milk protein allergy. Silver lining: I am losing weight because I can no longer indulgence my love of cheese (cheeeeeese. Oh man, do I miss it)

This will be me once I’m done nursing my baby.

And more importantly, almost any little, everyday mishap can be turned into the opportunity to grow in one of the virtues: humility (something embarrassing), or charity (someone’s annoying you).

Okay, I’m gonna go try to get my mind off cheese …


I Got Some Goals

A little belated maybe, but I feel the need to write down my goals for the year 2015. Give myself some accountability. Okay, so here they are:


  • Lose ALL the weight! (No, ’cause then I’d be dead. Say, 20 lbs?)
  • Chop off my hair (not sure how short I’ll go … but I need a new ‘do)
  • Get my brilliant hubby on Jeopardy (because he’s brilliant and he would totally win)
  • Audition for something (probably the Buffalo Philharmonic Choir … yay!)

That’s it, folks! Exciting, yes? As I recently discussed with my mom, 2015 is going to be a rad year. Like, the best year thus far. And all this awesome stuff is gonna happen, I can feel it. Several months from now I’ll be fit, with short stylin’ hair, sitting on top of my money pile from that time when Brian won Jeopardy, practicing music for my choir concert at City Hall. Living the dream.

Can’t help but smile just thinking about it 🙂