Workin’ Girl

In a surprising twist, stay-at-home mom and aspiring teacher Hannah got a part-time job: teaching a class online!

Okay, referring to yourself in the third person is lame. But sometimes you feel the need to narrate a little, am I right?

This is seriously a blessing in so many ways. Like,

  • I work from home, so I’m still a caring for Ellie full-time
  • I’m doing what I love to do,
  • I worked hard for a degree AND license for this and …
  • I’m helping support my family!

That, ladies and gents, is a win-win, squared. It’s also good that I’m only teaching one course. This way, I won’t get overwhelmed – and if I were teaching a full load, it wouldn’t matter if it was online or not, I would be too busy to care for Ellie.

So now I know what my summer plans are, besides beach week with my family: lesson planning! Lots and lots of lesson planning …