Date Nights

Married couples need regular date nights, ya’ll.

It isn’t hard to schedule dates when you’ve a big network of family/close friends living nearby, or if hiring a babysitter is in the budget.

Our family here consists of one brother and his lovely girlfriend. They’ve helped us several times, watching Ellie so we could go out. But, they are both very busy med students, so asking them isn’t always an option.

And … the rest of our relatives are far, far away.

Enter Heather and Sean, our awesome friends. Not only are they a great Catholic couple with six kiddos of their own – they came up with the neat idea of “swapping” babysitting and date nights. Because really, paying $$ for babysitters when you’re already paying for the date … is no bueno. Then, there’s the trust issue. Anyways …

We were quick to take them up on it 🙂 Which is how, two weeks ago on the eve of Mother’s Day, my guy and I went to see the Avengers and got ice cream at Coldstone afterwards (well, Brian got ice cream. I got ice cream surrounded by a fence of churros and topped with caramel sauce, to be specific).


I’m not sure why, but this was the most fun we’ve had on our own in a long time. We both felt like we were dating again. Yes, I’m writing a high-fructose corn syrup, lovey-dovey post. Don’t even care.

The fact is, when you’re typical daily reality is being bogged down with a ton of work (Brian), or constantly having a little person needing you for everything (me) – then going out somewhere together, just the two of you, is priceless. We’ve been really bad at making this a priority, and this date was a reminder of just how important it is.

Can’t wait to do it again.


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