Seven Quick Takes {Or, A Roundup of My Favorite Things from the Past Week}

Linking up with This Ain’t the Lyceum today! Okay, favorite things of the week:

I. Evangeline’s hair went up into a ponytail sprig for the first time:

My Little Who from Whoville Right Here

My Little Who from Whoville Right Here

II. And, she fell asleep sitting in her high chair while I was cooking dinner yesterday. First time she’s conked out sitting by herself and I think my heart melted, watching her nod off:


III. The Oscars were fun to watch. The host was meh, but it was still fun seeing who won what. My hubby and I are both avid movie-lovers (and would-be cinema-goers if we weren’t poor folk).

IV. Speaking of which, that Sound of Music tribute. It was really great, especially when Julie Andrews appeared. As my husband can attest, I freaked out a little when she walked onstage. I don’t even mind that it was Lady Gaga who sang the medley: she did a nice job.

V. The best part of the Oscars, though, was seeing my favorite actor, the incomparable Benedict Cumberbatch, with his new wife. He was every bit the caring, gentlemanly husband. Just when I thought I couldn’t be a bigger fan.

VI. In other news, I am down 8 lbs since starting Weight Watchers, but there’s still a long way to go, and I found this to be hilariously true of my closet:


To whomever wrote it, many thanks. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one.

VII. And finally, as I’ve been suffering from a rather nasty cold these past two weeks (seriously, it just keeps evolving into a new kind of sore throat/cough/sneeze fest), so I have been sippin’ on hot tea and lemon water like it’s my job. I’m really loving this adorable mug (with my initial!) given me by my lovely friend Caroline, whose wedding I was in Valentine’s Day:

Yay for Bridesmaid Presents!

Yay for Bridesmaid Gifts!


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