Back to Buffalo.

Ah, nice to be back on ye olde blog after a nine-day hiatus. The trip to Houston for my friend’s wedding really couldn’t have gone better. Well, it might have gone a little better if I hadn’t killed the battery of our rental car at one point, or left my adorable winter boots (that I got for Christmas) at someone’s house. Sigh.

But seriously, those things didn’t ruin anything. We had a Hertz guy come jump the car, and made it to the rehearsal with plenty of time to spare. My boots will probably be found and returned, too (and if they aren’t, Brian promised his very sleep-deprived wife, who was crying into multiple tissues upon realizing they had been left behind, that we’d get new ones. I really liked those boots).

Really, I was blown away by how wonderful this wedding was. I couldn’t possible do it justice in words, so let it suffice to say that it was perfect, and I am to-the-moon-and-back happy for my friend and her new husband, two wonderful people whom I’m sure are at the start of a very happy life together.

It’s a little tough thinking about the trip, though. Houston was sunny and around 75 degrees the whole weekend. Blue skies, warm breezes, palm trees. So it was difficult, ya know, going from that to the frigid, sub-zero conditions of Buffalo. ‘Cause it’s not just cold here – it’s like the arctic here. I saw on my trending news this morning that parts of Niagara Falls were frozen. That’s cold, folks.

In Texas I be like this

…. then I get home and I’m like this

… plus, being able to walk out the door in Houston, baby in tow, and not having to bundle her up like this:

Seriously, Mom, I can't move my arms or legs in this getup.

Seriously, Mom, I can’t move my arms or legs in this getup.

… that was a real treat. Oh beautiful, sunny Texas, how I miss you.

Due to the conditions outside, I’m starting Lent this year sans ashes. It’s too cold to take my baby out to church. Plus, I’m down with a pretty nasty cold. So the Bean and I will be hibernating and watching Frozen ’till Sunday.

Stay warm!


One thought on “Back to Buffalo.

  1. I’m glad you got the nice side of Texas weather! It’s been rainy and cold since, which is not fair because it’s usually spring by now. Evangeline’s snowsuit is precious; it reminds me of Maggie’s starfish getup from “The Simpsons”!


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