The Monday that Got Off to an Unusual Start

Yesterday, I awoke wide-awake at four in the morning. Naturally, I deep-cleaned the bathroom, wiped down my kitchen cabinets, cleaned my refrigerator, and took a shower. When I crawled back into bed around half past seven, I drifted back to sleep and then dreamed first that I was driving an RV without brakes, and then that I was shooting at flying cameras with a laser gun. Go figure.

Unfortunately, I was only able to sleep for an hour before Brian woke me up again. I had a doctor’s appointment in twenty-five minutes. Considering that my doctor’s office charges a whopping $115 fee for missed appointments, I’m pretty darn glad he happened to glance at our kitchen calendar while sipping his morning coffee. (Prior to marrying Brian, I regularly got myself into minor crises – such as missing appointments and being charged no-show fees. Those were dark times. Reason #154389 Why I’m Glad I Married My Husband).

Since my doctor’s office is actually next to the apartment cul-de-sac we live in, it normally takes me about a minute to get there. This time took a little longer, as my trek looked something like this:

Buffalo got hit by a blizzard pretty hard the night before, as Buffalo tends to do.

I was cold and my boots were full of snow, but I made it in time. When I got home after my appointment, Brian and Ellie were watching Frozen, which I guess is Ellie’s favorite since it’s the only movie that can hold her attention for more than a minute or two. (Side note: Arendelle was actually inspired by Buffalo. *Every* winter here is an Eternal Winter).

Brian stayed home from class that afternoon, which was great, and I roasted a whole chicken for the first time, which really freaked me out (it’s a dead body, people!). It smelled amazing in the oven, though. And I guess I did it right, because it tasted good, too. Go me. Overall, not a bad day.


One thought on “The Monday that Got Off to an Unusual Start

  1. Mom D. says:

    I love the dog video representing you plowing through the snow. I felt the same way trying to drag the garbage otter back from the curb. The snow was over my knees.

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